As part of its ongoing efforts to improve its search experience, Google regularly updates its algorithms and makes improvements. After 11 years of panda updates in 2011, on 5th December 2022, Google rolled out another critical update on content with the name of Google helpful content update.

Whether you are a professional content writer, run a digital marketing agency or SEO agency, or offer design services, you will find this blog extremely useful.

Here we will give you an in-depth analysis and preliminary information about this update.

This is a helpful content update, as the name implies, which means Google focuses its attention on content.

In this update, Google asked six questions and said that if the answer is positive, you will be good to go ahead.

Let’s take a closer look at all six questions Google posed in this update and find out what they are.


Q#1- Do you have an existing or intended audience for your business or site that would find valuable content if they came directly to you?

Explanation: In this question, google asked you about direct traffic on your website and how many returning visitors you have. It means a user comes to your website and finds valuable content then the user will come again. Here google means the existing or intended audience. In this question, google means less than 100% existing audience.

Q#2- Does your content demonstrate first-hand expertise and a depth of knowledge (for example, expertise from having used a product or service or visiting a place)?

Google asks about your expertise in the content you are writing. For example, you have written content on digital marketing services without knowledge and experience in digital marketing. In that case, google can read your entire content with this AI-based update and analyze your intentions behind the content. So your content should be visible with expertise.

Q#3- Does your site have a primary purpose or focus?

Explanation: You will be asked about niche-specific content in this question. If you write content on multiple topics, your website should have a structure for that particular niche. For example, if you crafted a post related to SEO consultancy, then make sure there is a separate category or page.

Q#4- After reading your content, will someone leave feeling they’ve learned enough about a topic to help achieve their goal?

Explanation: If users visit your website and read the content, do they feel satisfied with it or do they get the answer to the query for which they have visited the website? Means, are they satisfied or not with your content? And for that, visitors’ stay time and bounce rate can also be considered.

Q#5- Will someone reading your content leave feeling like they’ve had a satisfying experience?

Explanation: Using this question, Google reminds you to provide visitors with all the necessary information. You can provide a great user experience and keep them from searching further by using images and videos on your web pages.

Q#6- Are you keeping in mind our guidance for Google Helpful Content core updates?

Explanation: According to Google’s guidance, the best way to come up with great content is to keep in mind whatever Google’s algorithms have come up with during the course of the past few years.

So if you are positive with all the above six questions, then you don’t have to worry about your website; if not, then we have some critical suggestions for you.

Create and craft valuable content

This update considers an eye-opening factor for SEO consultants and digital marketing agencies. Google aims to honour valuable content with AI-based helpful content updates where users feel a satisfying experience. In contrast, content that doesn’t meet users’ expectations will perform differently than desired intentions.

Apply SEO strategies as per Google’s instructions:

Due to spammy and low-quality content, many websites were blacklisted in 2021 and 2022, which was an alarming situation for digital marketers and SEO experts. However, Google wants your actions regarding SEO strategies as per its instructions because it focuses on satisfying its audience and giving them a flawless search experience.

This means if you take care of the audience, then google will take care of your website.

This is site wide signal, and there is no space for even minor mistakes.

About this update, one thing that should not be ignored by digital marketing and SEO agencies is that this update will be a site-wide signal, in other meaning if this update affects 30% of the website content, the remaining 70% of the content can also be effect by this update, and it impacts whole of your website.

Which kind of websites can effect by this update

The most important thing is that this update not only affects content-based websites and blogging websites, but it can affect every single website, whether it is an eCommerce website, service website or business website. According to Google, This update will apply to every website.

Make “People-first” content, So avoid creating content just for SEO intentions.

Content writers, SEO consultants and digital marketing services providers must focus on people-first content, make content that meets the searcher’s expectations, and avoid making content just for the SEO intentions. Although SEO is a result-driven activity, it is nothing without user-friendly content.

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Modern marketing has evolved, and you have most likely come across common terminologies like “digital marketing” and “content marketing,” However, businesses use both types to share messages, products, and stories, promote their brand, and engage with their audience. These marketing strategies often overlap, and it can be unclear know the differences between them.

Check out content marketing vs. digital marketing companies and how these interrelated marketing topics work hand in hand to enhance your brand’s share of voice: conversions and customer retention. In our website IT Tech zone, we’ll start by covering the basics of each term, then dive into their differences and how they can work in harmony. In this article, I will highlight content and digital marketing components.

Description of content marketing:

Content marketing aims to build trust and rapport with your listeners or onlookers through engaging content. “Sharing and creation through online marketing.” In exchange for their attention, you provide something of value. When you compatibly create and share educational and meaningful content, you will attract, engage and convert your intended audience over time.”

So, types of content you can enhance. Years ago, brands started with actual textual content. Today, while text content is the primary way to promote your brand, other types of content are audio (podcasts) and visual (video) content.

Regardless of the type of content you create, your content should always match the stages of the buyer’s journey:

Top-of-Funnel (ToFu):

This content promotes education, including blogs and social media posts, checklists, email or SMS campaigns, infographics, video tutorials, and press releases.


It is content that signals to find the best product or service in a specific category or industry, such as case studies, client testimonials, expert eBooks, product reviews, product comparisons, lead email campaigns, and product-focused podcasts or videos.

Bottom-of-Funnel (BoFu):

Content influences a purchase decision, such as a product demo or trial, ROI calculator, implementation guide, price list, information sheet, or FAQ website.

Beyond the Funnel (BeFu):

 It is content that gives current customers or clients a warm hug by strengthening their decision to choose your product or service, such as customer success and feature webinars, community

forums, consumer surveys, and thoughts. Leadership-focused blog posts.

Description of digital marketing:

Now that we have covered the definition of content marketing, let’s dive into the purpose of digital marketing. Digital Marketing agency encompasses the entire “solar system” of online advertising and marketing through your website, email, mobile, search engines, and social

media channels. It includes paid and organic digital tactics – with the same goal of attracting, converting, and retaining customers. Need more digital marketing company work examples? Here’s the complete list you should forget about:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Content marketing
  3. Email marketing
  4. Marketing automation
  5. Mobile (SMS) marketing
  6. Native advertising
  7. Online Public Relations
  8. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  9. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  11. Social Media (Organic and Paid)

Many brands are turning to digital marketing because it tends to be more cost-effective than traditional (non-digital) marketing and helps target your ideal audience.

Comparability and compatibility of content marketing and digital marketing:

You’ve probably visualized a Venn diagram of content marketing vs. digital marketing. But if you need further direction. Here’s a summary of their fundamental differences:


Content marketing is a precious digital marketing tactic. At the same time, digital marketing agency is a catch-all term that includes methods of marketing using the internet. They can coexist harmoniously because they have the same goals: to educate, attract, convert and

retain an audience.

Major content marketing and digital marketing in accordance:ittzone-Digital-Marketing-Funnel

Part of the harmonizing aspect of digital and content marketing is their given time frame. Content marketing is slow. It doesn’t produce an instant conversion; it’s a long-term earning. It is for two primary reasons.

  1. Content creation can be involved and requires a  unique skill set from expert content creators.
  2. Friendly users and informative content are hallmarks of high organic search rankings. But it can delay Google in recognizing and ranking new content.

In addition, many digital marketing tactics, namely online advertising (such as PPC, social ads, and display ads), produce immediate results and lead to first-impression action. So using content

marketing with the help of digital marketing ideas helps reach potential customers at multiple points in their customer journey and strengthens your brand’s digital impact.

Content marketing and digital marketing complementary strategies:

Building strategies with both content and digital tactics require a master plan. By using a draft of that document that outlines the following elements:

  1. Company Mission
  2. Marketing goals (short & long-term)
  3. Target audience(s)
  4. Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  5. Budget/resources
  6. Marketing tactics
  7. Timeline


Content Marketing VS Digital Marketing Final thought:

Now that we’ve covered content marketing vs. digital marketing, you can create a plan and execute it using a complementary approach to both. (Remember: don’t narrowly focus on one policy to attract, acquire, and sink new customers!)

Suppose you need help supplementing your content creation resources. Check out our freelance network of strategists, editors, writers, proofreaders, graphic designers, and even video


Combining content marketing and digital strategies takes practice, patience, and creativity. You may hire a digital marketing agency to handle your content and digital strategy for the best results. From range to website design, advertising, and everything in between, IT Tech Zone professionals have experience building successful campaigns that are the target, engaging, and deliver results!

Get more info about the managed content creation process. Digital marketing agency and how it can benefit your brand from ITT Zone.

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Research shows that 45% of digital marketing companies still need digital marketing strategies.

It means that you have a high chance of success in business results if you take your time in your digital marketing campaign seriously.

Although a digital marketing campaign is a multiplex, it requires patience, determination and focus.

Suppose you have yet to gain experience in running a digital marketing campaign. It would not be easy to understand.

So do not worry about it!

This blog of IT TECH Zone provides you with all information about a digital marketing campaign. Through this, you can easily work on your digital marketing campaign.

The procedure for creating a digital marketing campaign:

1-Make your buyer persona:

You may wonder why I need to create a buyer persona for a digital marketing campaign.

Creating a buyer persona works every time, whether you’re creating a product to sell or creating a marketing campaign. You must have a buyer persona for your benefit.

A buyer persona is a fictitious character that a company or organization creates for its potential customers.

Creation of buyer of persona:

Although buyer personas are created through imagination, they are not entirely based on it.

It requires surveys, polls, research and interviews to create a better buyer persona.

2- Manage SWOT analysis:

SWOT = strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

You have to check these four aspects for a successful marketing plan.


  1. i) Certain specifications of your product.
  2. ii) The value of your brand

iii) Your customer service


  1. i) Where your products or services are lacking.
  2. ii) What are the costs of overcoming the problems you face with your product?


  1. i) Your competitors are not using digital marketing.
  2. ii) Additional Services

iii) Your new marketing technique.


  1. i) Entry of a new competitor.
  2. ii) New product failure.

iii) Change in market behaviour

Your SWOT analysis could help you choose the right marketing tactics.

3- Making of marketing objects:

When creating or planning a marketing campaign, you need to set some of the marketing goals you need to achieve with your digital marketing company campaign.

Following are the characters you face in making marketing objects:

  1. After successfully launching a marketing campaign, you can expect any of the results.
  2. The first thing you need to do before setting your marketing goal is to review your organizational goals.
  3. The goal of your marketing campaign must add something to the overall organizational goal of your company.
  4. If your campaign’s goal does not justify your company’s overall goal, you need to improve or work on your marketing campaign.
  5. If your campaign goal isn’t moving your organization in the right direction, you need to rethink your organizational adjectives.

4- Target appropriate budget:

Setting an appropriate budget is the fourth most important thing before creating a digital campaign strategy.

Things to consider before planning a digital marketing campaign.

  1. i) Marketing Objectives:When planning a digital marketing campaign, you must consider your marketing objectives. Because it decides where your money goes.
  2. ii) Marketing plan of action: You also need to choose a medium for your marketing. First, you need to analyze which platform suits your marketing.

iii) duration of advertising: You also need to find out how long you want to advertise. It should be a specific time when you can target the entire market in any specific period.

5- Make an activity plan for digital marketing:Best-Marketing-Campaign-ittzone

It’s time to turn your advertising method into an execution plan using a marketing campaign structure. With limited time and resources, a marketing campaign strategy. Which provides the big picture before diving into the details.

6- Content progress:

Writing content for your website or a digital marketing campaign are both types of content marketing. It is an essential part of digital marketing.

Why? Because your content determines whether your marketing campaign goes ahead or not. The keywords you use determine your blog, website or marketing campaign ranking.

7- Manipulate SEO and Website design:

SEO and website development are one of the most important aspects when we talk about digital marketing campaigns.

Why? Because it makes the website SEO friendly. By implementing website SEO, businesses make it easier for search engines to rank their website.

Suggestions to improve your SEO and presence of your business:

  1. Publish relevant content
  2. Regularly update your content:
  3. Have a link worthy-site
  4. Use alt tags
8- Determine your campaign message:

A digital marketing company statement is the pronouncement of existing of the company.

  1. The best statements define the organization’s purpose and goals.
  2. A company’s value proposition clearly articulates why customers might choose your company over the competition.
  3. The best companies come with a mission, vision and value proposition.
  4. Reflect on your marketing message to your audience.
  5. Make sure your marketing message delivers value to the market.
  6. Try to identify your customers’ problems both internally and externally.

A marketing message that clearly and concisely communicates the problem and provides an effective solution will likely win customers for your brand.

Many of your customers’ wants, needs, and desires are simple. Ensure your message shows you know the problem and have the perfect solution.

9- Select the best network:

To figure out which network is best. You need to check out the demographic of your target audience.

We understand that youngsters are very active on Snapchat and Instagram. You can use these apps if you have a product or service for the young generation. Likewise, women and men are highly active on Pinterest. So you can use this social media platform when it comes to targeting this audience.

By doing a little demographic research, you can easily find out what social media platform your target audience uses. It will also save you money and effort.

10- Demonstrate your KPIs:

KPIs are measurable values ​​that indicate how effectively your company or brand is achieving its goals. But when planning a digital marketing campaign, you need to have KPIs for it as well.

11- Calculation of results:

No matter how well you have prepared for your digital marketing campaign. It’s only useful if you measure the results from time to time. Examining the results after working on a marketing campaign will increase the chances of improvement.

It will also define what worked well and what didn’t for your digital marketing campaign. It is important for determining ROI and helps you create future marketing campaigns.

To calculate the results, you can check the analytics for errors and compare previous results.

Final thought:

This article on IT Tech Zone gives you a detailed explanation of digital marketing agency campaigns.

Although it is relatively easy to create and plan a digital marketing campaign, it requires proper planning and strategy to make it flawless. If you are serious about your digital marketing company campaign, you have a high chance of success in business results.

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